Exciting News!

I’m thrilled to announce my position with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) as dissertation chair /adjunct faculty in conjunction with my consulting practice!

I firmly believe in always evolving ourselves as we strive to help others grow. There is no better place to do this (besides coaching) than within a university. It is here where we help shape and clarify ideas and beliefs while delving into research that helps us grow our knowledge base, intellect, and mindset. Staying on top of the latest findings helps keep minds fresh and open to new perspectives and to new ways of doing things

The course I am facilitating is focused on diversity as it relates to people, organizations, and the world. Bringing these concepts together offers lively discussion and enlightened foresight into ways we can spur positive change within organizations and within ourselves.

Thank you, TCSPP, for such an exciting opportunity!

Dr. Renee Kennedy-Edwards