Defining Success

What is your definition of success? To many, success equates with achievement, hard work, productivity and happiness. We believe if we work long hours and focus on being productive, results will follow.

SUCCESS = Hard Work + Long Hours + Productivity

While this formula has worked for many people, it tends to fall short in several areas:

It is unsustainable. It is only short-term. People can only work hard for so long before burnout or boredom sets in.

It plateaus out. Once people achieve it, the feeling does not last. They find they need more and more to feel successful and eventually, it hits a glass ceiling.

It is unbalanced. Usually, it requires you to focus so intently on the goal that you forget to “have a life” in the process. Call it workaholic syndrome, Type A personality, a “go-getter” lifestyle – either way, it boils down to not having a life – which is essentially unsuccessful.

It does not necessarily lead to happiness. Even though we often equate success and happiness together, the traditional road to success does not always lead you to feeling happy.