renee-1Coaching 4 Success, Inc. – Succeeding in business since 2003

I started assisting people with their goals in 1997 as a psychotherapist. I realized 99% of my clients had work-related issues associated with stress, organizational skills, time management, communication, lack of direction, lack of fulfillment, burn-out, etc.

I decided to go into the work environment (business coaching) and help companies improve their processes to help employees improve their own performance. Working with a business is like working with a person. A business often has the same challenges as an individual-centered around organizational challenges, efficiency, productivity, performance, motivation, communication in addition to leadership and customer service issues. All of these center around psychology. By developing systems and goals customized to the culture of a business and an individual’s personality, you are able to get long-term results.

Helping people and leaders move through their own subconscious barriers to success, I can help them get a clear direction of where they want to go along with a plan in how to get there while keeping them accountable along the way.

I work with individuals and small groups in helping them gain direction, find their life purpose and a fulfilling career, identify their strengths and interests, improve their leadership and communication skills, find their independence, increase their motivation, get balanced, get organized and be proactive with their time and energy.

I help identify areas that may be stopping individuals from moving forward (fear, lack of direction, scattered, lack of focus) and develop a plan to move through these roadblocks.

Coaching is available in Tampa, Naples, Indianapolis, Chicago, DC, and nationwide via Zoom.

Specialties: Custom goal achievement, strategy, performance reviews, communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, leadership, performance management, organizational processes/procedures, time management, motivation, networking/marketing.

I also work with family-owned businesses/couples to assist in the special issues within dual relationships.

Personal Coaching: goal achievement, career and relationship transitions, assertiveness training, anger management, Adhd and Type A personalities.

Dr. Renée has been successfully coaching individuals and businesses since 2003.

Fellow Member, Institute of Coaching, at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate.