Components of the Success Equation

Overall Success = Perception (Values + Experience) + Plan + Process + Purpose

Your Success Equation will differ according to your current needs, interests, resources and goals. The bottom line is this: we all want similar things but we each need to follow our own unique equation in order to personally feel fulfilled and find sustainable success.

Whether you are an individual, a business, or a community – there are general success theories to incorporate into your specific equation:

Business Success Theory:

Purpose + Plan + Process + People (Quality) + Positivity = Success (Profit)

Personal Success Theory:

Quality Relationships + Self Care (Health, Exercise, Rest) + Social Connectivity + Purpose + Spirit = Success (Fulfillment, LT happiness)

Community Success Theory:

Social Connectivity + Walkability + Safety + Green Space + Quality Health & Education + Good Governance + Stable Economy = Success (LT happiness)