The approach to coaching utilizing a customized success equation is simple. You have your own unique set of strengths, interests and values that make up your aspirations. Your Success Equation takes this into account while assessing your current resources and challenges to provide a customized plan that will get you from A to Z in the most direct way possible.

Most of us want similar things: To be happy, motivated, energized, at peace, in love, comfortable, healthy, successful, etc. Yet, most of us attempt to achieve these on the same path as everyone else – which does not often get us to the finish line.

In addition, many of us focus too much on certain areas such as production and achievement without incorporating influential factors to create true fulfillment. This can result in moving fast towards the top, only to find out that the top is not fulfilling or not sustainable.

The Success Equation is different. It incorporates all the factors that have been shown to influence happiness while providing opportunities to “have it all” in the process. It offers you a purposeful and fulfilling life while also working hard towards the things that bring you happiness. It is the new way of defining Success.


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