Intelligence: It is More Than You Think


brainYou may be smart when it comes to solving mathematical equations or learning  a new language or skill but how smart are you when it comes to relating and reacting to others?

Emotional Intelligence relates to your ability to identify, understand and manage emotions. How do you typically deal with conflict? Do you get angry? Shy away? People with high emotional intelligence have the ability to understand another’s point of view while managing their own assertively, proactively and respectfully.

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to relate and understand the values, attitudes and beliefs of people from different cultures. Those who have high cultural intelligence refrain from judging or stereotyping people’s behavior. Rather, they realize and appreciate the differences among individuals while respecting other’s rights to their own way of thinking and living (Earley & Ang, 2003).

So, how intelligent are you really? Developing your cultural and emotional intelligence will help you relate well to others while increasing your own understanding of yourself. This equates to successful business negotiations and relations, a higher quality connection with others, and a positive and respectful work and home environment.